Saturday, 16 April 2011

Our mill visit

Well as I said I was visitng Cold spring mill well my wonderful husband spoilt me firstly he bought me 600g of mystery Noro looks like silk garden but is a all purple not stripes, a cone of mystery yarn of 600g which we have identified as Castle 4ply and a hank of Arrucania ranco multi. Now this came to al lot and would of wipped out most of my budget but it was his gift to me allowed under the rule.

I did buy some yarn myself in a little shop that sells mill ends by weight, here I spent £14.50 on various unbrannded yarn. I  £2.50 worth of this was for my mother so £12.00 of my budget has gone.

I have also just paid for the KnitPicks I have been waiting for since before the challenge stated with postage this was £19.

So £51.26 minus £31.00 leaves 20.26

Sorry should of posted this ages ago but saved it to drafts I have no finished objects to show this time.

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