Saturday, 16 April 2011

Our mill visit

Well as I said I was visitng Cold spring mill well my wonderful husband spoilt me firstly he bought me 600g of mystery Noro looks like silk garden but is a all purple not stripes, a cone of mystery yarn of 600g which we have identified as Castle 4ply and a hank of Arrucania ranco multi. Now this came to al lot and would of wipped out most of my budget but it was his gift to me allowed under the rule.

I did buy some yarn myself in a little shop that sells mill ends by weight, here I spent £14.50 on various unbrannded yarn. I  £2.50 worth of this was for my mother so £12.00 of my budget has gone.

I have also just paid for the KnitPicks I have been waiting for since before the challenge stated with postage this was £19.

So £51.26 minus £31.00 leaves 20.26

Sorry should of posted this ages ago but saved it to drafts I have no finished objects to show this time.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Well in February I have been working on 5 projects 2 of which are not finished. Each project has a clicky link to the Ravelry page for members who want more details.
The first to be finished was a hat for my son's friend for his 6th birthday.using around  46m of Chevy Aran I can not be sure as there was no length on the ball band.

Next was a hat for my son using Stylecraft Special Aran 61m

Lastly was a shawl using the yarn I bought with Coquille in mind back in November but on seeing pictures of it knit up in this yarn I changed my mind and chose a different shawl. I used 323m of Zauberball

So this month I have knit 430m earning me £4.30

 I have spent £4.51 on 1 ball of Cascade 220 off the form I use and £7.30 on a skein of Colinette Art for my daughters birthday gift. 
So £58.76 minus £11.81 equals £46.96 plus earnings of £4.30 equals a grand total of £51.26

I wonder how I will fair on Monday when I visit Coldspring Mill and a few wool shops around Keighley when we go to collect my husband Valentines gift but he has promised me a gift of some yarn.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

January 2011

Well this month I have completed 3 items

The first is a hat made with the Mirasol Cotanani I bought last month 108m

Second is a scarf made with 2 skeins of Rowan Colourscape 320m

Lastly is a little cardigan in King Cole splash for a friend expecting a little girl 275m

So I have knit 703m earning me £7.03

I have spent £2.20 on 2 balls of clearance aran

So 4.83 plus £53.93 total £58.76

I have also started to add my stash to Ravelry and I'm up to over 20 miles so I better knit faster