Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Spending in the sales

Well it is the end of the year and and today was my LYS sale. First I'll cover my achievements then go onto my spends.

My knitting projects.

First it the tiny sweater ornament I made for the swap on a forum I use.

Second is a little beret using 95m Rowan Kid Classic


Next it the Cape, knit using 965m of King Cole Magnum Chunky.It was named the cape from hell as I worried I'd never finish it and it is so heavy. Now its is a wonderful pattern and simple to knit but the gauge is wrong on the pattern as it requires a needle size not used. I'm very pleased with it and so is my mam who's Christmas gift it is. Now I thought I'd never finish this and ran out of yarn I needed at least 1 ball possibly 2 which I had to order but as it was a gift I will not deduct the £4.98 from my budget. I do have some of this yarn left so will make my mam a hat to match.


I promised a little girl I know I would knit for her ages ago and did this hat last minute in King Cole Sundae it used 95m.


The Christmas stocking now I'm guilty of not weighing this but it took nearly 2 whole balls of the red so if I say the leftovers are less than the cream we are looking at 250m. This is for my little boy, and this is the kit I ordered at the knitting and stitching show it took ages to arrive and there were lots of problems with the snow but it was finished the day before Christmas Eve. I altered the patterns slightly but I'm very pleased with it.


Lastly is a lacy Baktus made for a special friend using just short of 2 skeins or Sirdar just Soy 210m.

So I have knit 1655m earning me £16.55


Hobby craft now a massive bargain 1 ball of Rowan Alpaca Cotton for £1.49

LYS spent £28
2 Rowan Pure Wool Aran £4
2 Rowan Pure Wool 4-ply £4
2 Patons Colour Works Aran £4
4 Mirasol Hacho £6
2 Mirasol Cotanani green £3
2 Mirasol Cotanani grey £3
3 Rico Organic Twist Aran grey £3
1 Araucania Patagonia blue £1 (have some of this stashed already)

So yarn fund stands at £66.87 carried over from last month £29.49 spent and £16.55 earned so £53.93

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